Brew Vendors

Participate as a Brew Vendor

Pikes Peak International Raceway (PPIR) happily invites your brewery to participate as a beer vendor at the 5280 Chug Run on August 25th, 2018.

PPIR will provide the beer vendor with a 10’ x 10’ space on the grass in the beer festival area.

PPIR will provide the beer vendor with a brewery logo and hyperlink as a “participating brewery” on the event website. PPIR will manage a “People’s Choice” beer tasting competition and will announce the winners at the event. A 55-gallon waste can will be provided by PPIR for each beer vendor to dispose of cans, bottles, and garbage.

Brew Requirements – The beer vendor will provide a minimum of:

  • One (1) full keg of beer or cider (15.5 gallons), or equivalent amount, in bottles or cans, along with all equipment and supplies necessary to operate a sampling station

Display and Equipment:

  • Your own pop-up tent, table, chairs, keg(s), tap(s), bottles and/or cans, keg pressurizing system, ice
  • Advertisement signage and banners within their 10’ x 10’ space and may also hand out complimentary promotional material advertising their brewery and/or products.


  • The beer vendor will provide their own staff to operate the sampling station
  • All sampling station beer vendor staff must be 21 years of age or older
  • When providing a beer sample to a 5280 Chug Run participant the beer vendor shall pour 1-once of beer into the participant’s mini-mug
  • A person without a 21+ wrist band or mini-mug may not be served. PPIR staff will be responsible for carding participants

To secure space as an official brewery of the 5280 Chug Run (limited beer vendor spaces available) the beer vendor must provide the following:

  • $250 refundable event deposit (refunded at end of event day, details in Vendor Agreement)
  • Fill out and execute the PPIR Vendor Agreement
  • Provide PPIR with certificate of General Commercial Liability Insurance (details in Vendor Agreement)
  • Contact Heather Smalley (see below) for Vendor fee details.

The event deposit will be refunded to the beer vendor upon completion of the event granted the beer vendor provided agreed upon services and presence at the 5280 Chug Run.

To Sign Up

Please email PPIR Event Coordinator Heather Smalley, or call PPIR at 719.382.7223 to receive a Vendor Agreement and book your space at the 5280 Chug Run at PPIR on August 25th, 2018.

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